June 13, 2008

The Japanese plum wine Choya Umeshu Kishu Herb

On the last weekend my husband and I visited my Mom. We were greatly surprised because at that day my parents had wedding anniversary :). Everyday life has such a high speed pace that I completely forgot about it.

But it is not that I want to share with you. In one of the supermarkets parents bought Japanese plum wine for the holiday. It looks like this:

Title: Choya Umeshu Kishu Herb
Alcohol: 12%

I managed to get some information from the manufacturer's web site Choya.

Choya Umeshu Kishu Herb - is a unique Japanese wine from plum (Ume) fruit that has a lot of curative properties. Plum fruit is unusually rich in minerals, fruit acids and vitamin C. Moreover, according to Japanese folklore, Ume reduces fatigue and gives quiet sleep.

The recipe of making wine from Ume plum was discovered by Japanese people near four hundred years ago and from that time Umeshu is considered to be the national drink of the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun . Thanks to perilla (perilla - aromatic plant used in Japanese cuisine) it has red color and delicate mix of exotic flavor and a pleasant taste.

The very company Choya, formed in 1914, at the moment, took a leading position for the production and worldwide distribution of plum wine Umeshu. Choya Umeshu production doesn't use any artificial dyes and additives, it is made of best fruits, gathered and processed manually during the day.

I want to add that the wine is very pleasant, has a delicate, slightly sweet flavor with the scent of plums and herbs. It is recommended to drink it chilled or even better with 2-3 cubes of ice in the glass to make it have even more delicate taste.

Well, you may want to try a plum. Don't be so fast! They have a lot of alcohol in them :-)

Bon appetit!


Anonymous said...

Soy de Ecuador Felicidad por el año 2010 sobre el vino Choya Umeshu en Ecuador lo compre a Importadora Mahervill quien lo distribuye y fue algo sublime y quede tan bien con mis invitados por lo tanto lo seguire tomando por su beneficio cero chuchaqui gracias por darme la oportunidad de desgustar algo rico gracias.

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