June 15, 2008

Sweet noodle soup

The weather recently was rather cool so I decided to cook noodle with milk. The package of milk appeared to be spoiled, though shelf-life date hasn't come yet. By that time noodles were almost ready. After short thinking process with my husband, we decided to cook the dish he knew from his childhood. I tried it only once it was a year or two ago. Maybe on that time we had similar situation with milk;-)

So, here's the description step-by-step:
1. Cook short and thin noodle. 2. Get fruit-berry compote from the closet (or supermarket). It can be with cherry or plum. It has to be red and taste sweet and sour altogether. 3. Put cooked noodles into separate deep bowl. 4. If compote is too concentrated, it is better to dilute to the desired consistency. After that fill the noodle with it. The above described actions will lead to medium heated soup. Depending on the season and your mood it can be made cold or hot. To make it cold just cool down noodles and compote. Being cold it is the best in the summer heat. On the other hand to make it hot all components must be warmed.

Isn't that simple and easy?

Bon appetit!

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