April 24, 2008

Either macaroni po-flotski or spaghetti bolognese

I was thinking a lot how to name the post. That is because my spaghetti differs from macaroni po-flotski and at the same time doesn't follow the exact recipe of spaghetti bolognese :). Nevertheless here is what I've got.

As usual I was cooking spaghetti with sauce. I do not recommend buying dry sauces from paper bags in the store. All these sauces have a lot of food additives. It is better to take already made sauces (without preservatives) for cooking.

Well, we'll need:
  • 250 grammes of minced meat (a mix of beef and pork)
  • 300 grammes of pasta for spaghetti (Italian are desired)
  • 75 grammes of cheese
  • tomato sauce(with spices)
  • Italian sauce with olives (Heinz)
  • butter
  • pepper, salt and basil
It's time for detailed description:

1. Put minced meat on the pan, break the lumps, add tomato sauce and Italian sauce Heinz, butter, spices. If you want to make the sauce more liquid, you can add more tomato and Italian sauces or butter. You can also add some water.
2. Lead it to boil then reduce fire and cover the lid. Meat should be completely fried and soaked with juice. The process should take near 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to stir the sauce slowly from time to time.

3. By that time we boil the water for the pasta and put spaghetti into the pot. Then we cook until spaghetti is ready.

4. Grate cheese.
5. Put boiled pasta on the plate. 6. Then, on top of pasta we put our sauce. 7. Sprinkle with cheese on top. 8. Basically the dish is ready to eat, but I prefer cheese to be melted. That's why I put the plate for a minute or so into the microwave. Bon appetit!

April 14, 2008

Salad "Vitaminous"

I visited my mom last weekend and she gave me a large bunch of celery:) At the same moment I have got an idea what to do with it.

You may ask what could be done with that celery? Well, because I had already been familiar with celery (I was making another salad with it, separate blog post will be devoted to it) the solution appeared rather quickly - it was salad!

By the way, do you know that celery is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs? It is recommended for men along with parsley!
Some additional information about celery can be found here and here.

I have to warn you: do not bring or throw celery on Stamford Bridge stadium, especially when "Chelsea" is playing!!! It is forbidden.

Ok, I'm done with introduction:-). We can continue on the salad recipe.

So, we'll need:
  • 4 carrots
  • 4 apples
  • 3 stalks of celery (35 centimeters each)
  • 2-3 table spoons of olive or sunflower-seed oil
  • salt to taste

Now, I'm going to explain how to make the salad with more details:
1. Wash celery stalks and chop it in thin pieces as it is shown on the picture.

2. Clean up the carrots and grate them in the way you do this when cooking the soup.

3. Wash the apples, rind and have them grated.

4. Then mix all ingredients and flavour with olive or sunflower-seed olive and salt. For this salad it is better to use olive oil, because sunflower-seed oil gives bad after-taste.

And here's what you get - a very delicious salad:

This celery salad is juicy and spicy and because of apple it has sweetish taste.

Bon appetit!