May 26, 2008

Chicken salad with mushrooms

I learned this recipe from my coworker a year ago. However, at that time I didn't memorize it and marvelous recipe was lost. Couple of days ago we were talking about salads and I asked her about this salad recipe.

At this time odds were on my side, don't forget about some chicken fillet in the fridge.

Here we go! The recipe is the following (for 4 portions):
  • 3 boiled chicken fillets
  • 0.5 kg pekinese cabbage
  • 0,750 liter of pickled mushrooms
  • 250 grams of solid cheese "Suluguni"
  • 0.5 of loaf or 2 packing crackers, preferably without taste
  • mayonnaise

And now, step by step:

1. Making crackers. You can do so as I did before - cut the loaf into cubes and place into oven. Or the way I did this time - toast chopped slices of bread with toaster, cut into cubes and dry them out in the microwave. The result of my work is presented below.
2. Slice pickled mushrooms into smaller pieces. They can be put into the salad as is. If mushrooms are too spicy, you can fry them a bit on sunflower oil.
3. Cut then chicken into cubes.
4. Cut pekinese cabbage.
5. Cut hard cheese into cubes.
6. Mix all components.

7. Add the mayonnaise, mix again and the salad is ready.

The salad has original and unusual taste. Give it a try!

Bon appetit!

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